Sugar Skull Print Car Steering Wheel Cover 14-15in


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Add a touch of elegance to your car with this lovely Sugar Skull Print Car Steering Wheel Cover 15in. Your car deserves it, and you will certainly enjoy driving more with this outstanding sugar skull print designed steering cover. The cover should also give you a better grip and better control of your vehicle while driving. This is also an ideal gift for all car lovers out there. Buy it for someone special or treat yourself with this nice sugar skull print designed steering wheel.

This flexible sugar skull print cover is suitable for all types of vehicles, regardless of whether you drive a small car, middle-sized car, caravan, SUV, or truck that has a steering wheel. Installation is quick and easy – no tools needed, just put it on the wheel and enjoy driving.

Made of high-quality neoprene rubber, the sugar skull print car steering wheel is comfortable, soft, durable, skid-resistant, and environment-friendly. Not only you will feel great when driving, but the cover will also extend the life of your steering wheel, preventing wear and tear.

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